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Services from Birmingham piano tuner John Sireshuk

  • All grand and upright pianos tuned to concert (A=440) pitch.

  • Raising the pitch of a neglected piano (eg over a tone below) can normally be corrected in 2 or 3 sessions.

  • Toning & voicing.

  • Action repairs, including overhauling and rebuilding: replacing tape and tape ends, replacing spiral, damper and butt springs in grand actions, replacing damper felts, recovering or replacing hammers.

  • Recentring of all hammer butts, jacks & flanges throughout the action.

  • Action regulation.

  • Key recovering available as well as broken key repairs.

  • Repairs to cracked sound boards and cast-iron frames.


  • A complete restoration service for both upright and grand pianos.

  • Transportation of the instrument arranged.

  • Individual strings replaced.

  • Complete restringing of upright & grand pianos done on site when possible


  • Dust and debris removed.

  • Lubricating.

  • Polishing.

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